[dwm] 5.4.1 - two issues with floating clients and borders

From: Adam F <adam.listmail_AT_googlemail.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 11:18:50 +0100

hello all. I have run into two issues with the latest release.

1 - mplayer started keeping its borders (well, 2 of 4 - the top and
left border, if it matters) in full screen mode. If I move the window
around a few pixels I can get the normal fullscreen look. This happens
regardless of the tag of the terminal I am using, but I don't think it
should matter anyway since I set class "MPlayer" as always float in
config.h. I remember this was an issue a few years ago, but before
the latest release I havent had this problem with mplayer.

2 - regarding the new behavior of single windows - i.e. no borders
when only one client is in view, I observe the following: If I am
viewing an empty tag, which is float, and open a single terminal, it
opens to the default size (80x24 or whatever), and the borders are
displayed. However, If I am in tile mode viewing a single window,
then alt-f to floating mode, and resize the terminal, the boarders
stay invisible. The only way to get them to show up is to open
another client. I think the intuitive behavior would be for the
borders to show up upon the client being resized.

Can anyone else confirm these issues? I am running 5.4.1 as on the
dwm page, and the only patch I use is bottomstack.

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