Re: [dwm] dmenu - how to autoconfirm selection in case of exact match?

From: Jeremy Jay <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 12:10:43 -0500

Did you even try to look at the code? I bet it took you longer to write
up the email that it took to add the 3 lines of code in the patch attached.
could easily be made into a command line argument.


On Mon 16 Feb 2009 - 05:39PM, michael_der gulliUser wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I've already read the manpage and the archives of this mailing list.
> However, unfortunately I could not find a patch / a way to tell dmenu to
> automatically confirm a selection and execute the command, if a menu item
> and the text I've entered match exactly. But it seems to me as if the
> members of this mailing list are all quite knowledgeable and helpful. So
> here I go:
> I would very much like to feed dmenu a list of menu items, each of which
> consists only of one letter (e.g. f as an alias for firefox). In this
> particular case, it would be terrific if dmenu automatically launches
> firefox without the need to confirm by pressing enter.
> My longterm goal is to use dmenu as a vehicle to easily select and execute
> previously recorded keyboard macros in order to alleviate my RSI.
> Is this possible at all?
> Any help / suggestions on how to accomplish this is very much appreciated!!!
> Thanks in advance,
> Michael

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