[dwm] dual-head and floats on all tags (and one feature request)

From: David E. Thiel <lx_AT_redundancy.redundancy.org>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 12:32:55 -0701


I'm using hg tip with the push and gaplessgrid patches, with two
monitors (laptop and LCD). When I put a window on the screen which
handles floats, then change focus to a tiled window on the main screen
somewhere, then switch to another tag and back again, the last window
that had focus on that tag is focused.

However, if I send the floating window to all tags, the floating window
takes focus on every tag change, no matter what window was focused last.
I can't see what's making this happen, but it doesn't seem like the
right behavior.

The feature request that I thought might be useful is a function to
jump to urgent windows. For example, if you have Pidgin on a tag with 9
windows or so on it and you see it turn urgent when on another tag, a
keybinding to jump straight to the tag and window which needs attention
would be handy, rather than switching to the tag and then manually
flipping through the client list. Thoughts?

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