Re: Re: [dwm] [RFC] dwm-win32

From: Joseph Iacobucci <>
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 17:37:17 -0400


I tried it out a month ago, stupidly, without reading the readme.

I think something that would help people test it is the "crash handler"
that you mention. I restarted to get everything working again. I'd take
a look at it again if that existed. I tend to have things open and I
don't have a spare computer just for testing things like this so losing
my windows is not an option.

On a side note, I compiled dwm in cygwin a while back and it worked
great for me in windows.

best regards,

Joseph Iacobucci
Marc Andre Tanner wrote:
> Hi all,
> So a month passed since my last posting and there was absolutely 
> no feedback so I assume the reasons are:
>  (a) you guys are in the comfortable situation of not having to 
>      touch windows boxes
>  (b) alpha1 was unusable and you didn't even bother to write a comment
> Anyway I have since fixed a few bugs and probably also introduced some 
> new ones. But since I most likely wont have time to look into this in 
> the near future I post my current codebase just in case someone is
> interested in it.
> Checkout the README.txt for key bindings, a sort of technical 
> documentation and an incomplete TODO list.
> As always comments and patches welcome.
> Thanks,
> Marc
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