Re: [dwm] dwm's future

From: bill lam <>
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 22:13:50 +0800

On Sun, 26 Apr 2009, Haomin Wen wrote:
> Hello,
> I am sorry but I really hope dwm can switch to using pango.
> X fonts are broken and not well supported, at least in Ubuntu. I have six
> Chinese fonts shown in xlsfonts, but only two of them can be displayed. Two
> of them only support 16 pixel and 24 pixel size. They are too large, given
> that my dpi is as low as 75. The other font is arphic ukai, but it is not
> bitmap font, and therefore broken. WenQuanYi Bitmap Song is a nice bitmap
> font and covers many encodings, but I can use it for no obvious reason.
> It seems to me that pango's powerfulness comes with almost no cost.
> For programmers, there is little difference, or at least it generally will
> not increase SLOC.
> For users, they just need to set the font to something like "Sans-10" or
> "Monosapce-10". It is much simpler than setting X fonts. Besides, fontconfig
> is powerful. User can set spacing, priority, antialias, hinting, and a lot
> more properties of fonts, which is necessary for certain fonts.

Can you give examples, eg url where its title failed to displayed
properly using firefox? I use debian and previosly ubuntu and found
no problems. Not sure why correlate bitmap font to broken or not?
What do you mean by broken? Can you give some screen shoot. Does
that really matter to have antialias or hinting in the single line

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