Re: [dwm] dwm's future

From: pancake <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 22:58:31 +0200

When I was in the university I had to use matlab. Proffessors told me
that I can use the windows boxes in place, but for personal reasons
(time and so) I proposed them to use the telnet interface and use it

It happened that their license didn't allowed them to export the
application via network. Which is IMHO a very stupid and privative

At this point I decided to install octave on a remote netbsd box, add
some fixes to the package and I develop all the tasks finding
equivalences between the sintaxes.

The last page of my work was an explanation of the reasons for using
it. I just explain that I don't support software that limits my
freedom and possibilities, and I also explain how incorrect is to
teech people with privative tools.

They accept my project but things didn't changed.

On Apr 27, 2009, at 9:05 PM, Amit Uttamchandani <>

>>> Except some of us don't have a choice and have to use this for their
>>> work or at uni...
>> Well, what about GNU Octave? Mathematica seems to have become as
>> much a
>> disease as Fortran was in last decades.
> I once tried to explain to my professor if I could use Octave instead
> of Matlab but he wouldn't even hear of it...I even tried explaining
> that is compatible, etc., etc. but no luck...
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