Re: [dwm] [OT] Reputable online computer shops in Germany?

From: Preben Randhol <>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 23:22:38 +0200

On Sat, 9 May 2009 19:30:12 +0200 wrote:

> My requirements are pretty simple in my opinion, but I get the
> impression they seem not to be very common ... Instead current offers
> are bloated with stuff I am only using once per year or not at all.

I have an Asus Eee 1000H and my wife has an Eee 901. Both running Linux
(XP ditched)
> - silent (very silent pls)

901 is silent (well there is a fan you can slightly hear if the machine
get really hot). I'm "allergic" to computer noise, but I don't find the
fan noise from the 1000H problematic. If you are pushing the
computer for a long time so it really gets hot, you can hear the fan

> - light (up to 1.2kg)

1000H is 250 g more, but that should not be a problem. 901 feels almost
too light :-)

> - above 3(.5) hours of battery life (text input)

I have now 6 hours battery life with the 1000H running dwm on Ubuntu
9.04. My wife has about 5.5-6h running xfce4 Xubuntu 9.04, but this PC
is not power optimized like my 1000H though.
> - usable keyboard (best seen so far is the one of HP mini, fell in

The keyboard of 1000H is very good. The 901's is small and needs getting
used to. My fingers are too big for it I think. Try the keyboards in a

> - 8.9 inch display or bigger

8.9" - 901
10" -1000H

> - as small dimensions as possible

The 1000H is slightly bigger, but still very small.

> - more than 8 GB internal drive (I think 16 to 32 GB would be perfect.
> unlike most of them having 100GB+ ...)

640kb should be enough for everyone? Well it depends on your needs. For
me I wanted more space so I can install all the software I want and
need. On my wifes Eee I have had to remove things in order to stay
within the 4Gb (of the primary SSD) secondary is 12Gb.

I don't find the SSD to be practically any faster. In fact I find the
901 to be more sluggish than the 1000H, but it could be due to the CPU
also. You need to change the scheduler at least to get the 901 more
responsive. At the moment there is no loss going for a HDD IMHO.

For me I would choose the 1000H over the 901 for usability. The 901 is
great too, my wife has written two papers on it without a problem, but
for me the keyboard is a bit troublesome.

What I can say is that dwm is a perfect match for the Eee family!



Preben Randhol
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