[dwm] Re: New mailing list

From: markus schnalke <meillo_AT_marmaro.de>
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 08:55:46 +0200

[2009-05-20 08:35] Uriel <uriel99_AT_gmail.com>
> I suggested a while ago to merge wmii@ and dwm@ into hackers@, both
> lists are rather low level, and there is much overlap, and such a
> single list would be more fitting for new minor side projects and for
> 'offtopic' discussion.


> Right now when one has something to say that doesn't quite fit in
> wmii@ or dwm@, or that could fit in both, you have to pick one list at
> random, or to cross post, and both options suck.

> > > What do you think about creating an offtopic mailing list in suckless for
> > > discussing such
> > > kind of topics, instead of using the dwm@ one like nowadays happen.
> >
> > I think it's been the charme of dwm@ to discuss lot's of other things,

Yes. Merge, don't split.


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