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Add wimenu man page.

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+May, 2009
+%!includeconf: header.t2t
+= NAME =
+wimenu - The wmii menu program
+wimenu [-a <address>] [-c] [-h <history file>] [-i] [-K] [-k <keys file>] [-n <history count>] [-p <prompt>] [-s <screen>] +
+wimenu -v
+`wimenu` is `wmii`'s standard menu program. It's used
+extensively by `wmii` and related programs to prompt the user
+for input. The standard configuration uses it to launch
+programs, select views, and perform standard actions. It
+supports basic item completion and history support.
+: -a
+ The address at which to connect to `wmii`.
+: -c
+ Prints the contents of the input buffer each time the
+ user inputs a character, as such:
+ <text before caret>\0<text after caret>\0
+: -h <history file>
+ Causes `wimenu` to read its command history from
+ <history file> and to append its result to that file if
+ _-n_ is given.
+: -i
+ Causes matching of completion items to be performed in a
+ case insensitive manner.
+: -K
+ Prevents `wimenu` from initializing its default key
+ bindings. WARNING: If you do this, be sure to bind a key
+ with the Accept or Reject action, of you won't be able
+ to exit `wimenu`.
+: -k <key file>
+ Key bindings will be read from <key file>. Bindings
+ appear as:
+ <key> [action] [args]
+ where <key> is a key name, similar to the format used by
+ wmii. For action and args, please refer to the default
+ bindings, provided in the source distribution under
+ cmd/menu/keys.txt, or use strings(1) on the `wimenu`
+ executable (this level of customization is discouraged,
+ and reserved for the determined).
+: -n <count>
+ Write at most <count> items back to the history file.
+ The file is never modified unless this option is
+ provided. Duplicates are filtered out within a 20 item
+ sliding window before this limit is imposed.
+: -p <prompt>
+ The string <prompt> will be show before the input field
+ when the menu is opened.
+: -s <screen>
+ Suggests that the menu open on Xinerama screen <screen>
+ Socket file of Used by wmiir(1).
+ The namespace directory to use if no address is
+ provided.
+dmenu(1), wmiir(1)
+[1] http://www.suckless.org/wiki/wmii/tips/9p_tips
diff -r 75d77530b66e -r f8cdd1dd9c25 man/wmiir.man1
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+++ b/man/wmiir.man1 Thu May 14 00:14:49 2009 -0400
@@ -0,0 +1,51 @@
+.TH WMIIR 1 wmii-hg2287
+wmiir \(em wrapper script for ixpc
+.B wmiir
+.RB [ \-a
+.IR address ]
+.I action
+.I file
+.B wmiir
+.B \-v
+.SS Overview
+.B wmiir
+is a wrapper script for
+.BR ixpc (1)
+to conveniently access the filesystem of
+.BR wmiiwm (1)
+from the command line or from shell
+scripts. It can be used to configure
+.BR wmii (1).
+.SS Options
+See the manual page of
+.BR ixpc (1) .
+The address of the wmiiwm file server to which wmiir will connect.
+.B wmiir ls /
+This prints the root directory of the wmii filesystem. For more information
+about the contents of this filesystem, see
+.BR wmiiwm (1).
+.B echo -n quit | wmiir write /ctl
+Write 'quit' to the main control file of the wmii filesystem, effectively
+leaving wmii.
+.B echo -n view 2 | wmiir write /ctl
+Bring into view all clients tagged '2'. To learn about clients and
+tags, see
+.BR wmii (1).
+.BR wmii (1),
+.BR ixpc (1),
+.BR wmiiwm (1)
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