Re: [hackers] [sbase][PATCH v4] Add diff(1) and bdiff(1)

From: <>
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 20:18:05 +0100


> +.It Fl D
> +Produce colored output if stdout, is a terminal.
> +Always produce colored output if used twice or more.

I'm totally against this feature. Programs that check against
/dev/tty are not orthogonal and your implementation is not
portable because you hardcoded the escape sequences in the code.
I think is better don't colorize and let this work to colordiff(1).

> +.Xr ed 1 .
> +.It Fl f
> +Produce output similar to the format of
> +.Fl e ,

.Fl e? what is e?

Both comments apply to diff and bdiff.

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