Re: [hackers] [slstatus] Rewrite Makefile to accomodate file split || Laslo Hunhold

From: Matthew Parnell <>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2017 20:36:42 +0100

Hi Laslo,

> +battery.o: battery.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +cpu.o: cpu.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +datetime.o: datetime.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +disk.o: disk.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +entropy.o: entropy.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +hostname.o: hostname.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +ip.o: ip.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +kernel_release.o: kernel_release.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +keyboard_indicators.o: keyboard_indicators.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +load_avg.o: load_avg.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +num_files.o: num_files.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +ram.o: ram.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +run_command.o: run_command.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +swap.o: swap.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +temperature.o: temperature.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +uptime.o: uptime.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +user.o: user.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +volume.o: volume.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)
> +wifi.o: wifi.c $(HDR) $(REQ:=.h)

Is it really necessary to explicitly list all of these? The other
rules already cover them implicitly;
removing them should be fine, and I got a successful compile and run
without them.


Matthew Parnell
Received on Sun Sep 17 2017 - 21:36:42 CEST

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