Re: [hackers][quark] Quark don't print-out output after dettach

From: <>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2022 13:26:19 -0500

> On Sat, 31 Dec 2022 06:35:43 -0500

Dear Laslo,

Here's how I start it with my FreeBSD Jail configuration:

  exec.start+="/bin/sh -c '/usr/local/bin/quark -p SOME-PORT -d /var/www' &";

I don't mean for you to now try FreeBSD or something and learn about jails
if you don't know.. but I believe I tried this command in the past, in a
terminal, too.. I tried all kinds of commands, even the one I was
previously recommended (this issue is re-opened, because I tried a command
someone (possibly you) recommended, but it did not help, and I received no
further help :d).
To note - I cannot even do things like 2>&1 in this FreeBSD shell (it
might be csh)

Happy New Year!
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