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 There is also a blog entry which describes the whole configuration:
+You can also try [pcw](http://bitbucket.org/emg/pcw) which will (by default) open a new terminal for each channel you join. By default it depends on [srw](http://bitbucket.org/emg/srw) as a line editing wrapper. Just run 'pcw ~/irc' (or whichever directory you have ii using) then start up ii. Note that closing a terminal does not exit the channel. If that channel receives a new message the terminal will open again. To leave the channel you must first '/l' and then close the window. (the combination of pcw + ii + bitlbee let me stop using pidgin :-D)
 Web frontend
 phpii is a simple web frontend for ii. You can see a demo of it and download the php source here: [phpii homepage](http://yogan.meinungsverstaerker.de/phpii)
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