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ii usage: add more interfaces to ii

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 Web frontend
 phpii is a simple web frontend for ii. You can see a demo of it and download the php source here: [phpii homepage](http://yogan.meinungsverstaerker.de/phpii)
+[iii](https://github.com/c00kiemon5ter/iii) (maybe interactive ii, or something) is a collection of shell scripts to produce a cli frontend to ii.
+iii looks like a "normal" irc client (ie irssi), working on top of ii.
+It features connections to multiple servers and autojoin of channels, auto-reconnect to servers and channels on network failure, autocompletion through rlwrap, formatted and colored output etc.
+It can be used directly in the command line, or like pcw spawning terminals for each channel, or inside a dedicated tmux session.
+Read the readme file, and do not hesitate to ask c00kiemon5ter for help on freenode and oftc.
+The [iil](http://chiselapp.com/user/onys/repository/iil/home) (short for iiless) is fast viewer/reader for ii irc client, using your shell and less.
+[im-scripts](http://github.com/gravicappa/im-scripts) is a set of sh-scripts for convenient use of ii and ji.
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