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    add a how to for maintaining patches in git
    as an alternative to the hg patch queue tutorial

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+# How to maintain dwm configuration and customization in git #
+Since suckless.org has migrated to git, customizations can now be be
+managed directly in git as an alternative to the
+[patch queue in Mercurial tutorial](http://dwm.suckless.org/customisation/patch_queue).
+## The concept ##
+By recording changes and applied patches as commits in a special
+branch they can be rebased on top of the master branch when required.
+## Cloning the repository ##
+You need to have the [Git VCS](http://git-scm.com/) installed first.
+Then clone the upstream repository locally
+ git clone git://git.suckless.org/dwm
+## Recording customizations ##
+Create a special branch where all the customizations will be kept. It
+doesn't matter what the name is, it just needs to be something
+different than `master`.
+ git branch my_dwm
+Now switch to the new branch. This will do nothing at the moment as
+the branches are the same.
+ git checkout my_dwm
+Now make your changes. If you want to apply one of the
+[contributed patches](http://dwm.suckless.org/patches/) you can use
+the `git apply` command
+ git apply some_patch.diff
+Note that many patches make changes `config.def.h` instead of `config.h`. Either
+move those changes also to `config.h`, or add `rm config.h` to the
+`clean` target in the `Makefile`.
+Then record the changes as commits
+ # tell git to add the changes in the given file(s) to be recorded
+ git add some_file.ext
+ # git will ask you to provide a message describing your changes
+ git commit
+### Experimenting with different combinations of customizations ###
+If you plan on experimenting with different combinations of
+customizations it might be easier to record the commits in separate
+feature branches by first creating and checking out a branch and then
+recording the changes as commits. Having patches in different branches
+also helps to keep their dependencies transparent by creating branches based
+on other patch branches.
+Then merge the selected combination of changes into your branch
+ git merge some_feature_branch
+ git merge other_feature_branch
+If you some conflicts occur, resolve them and then record the changes
+and commit the result. `git mergetool` can help with resolving the
+## Updating customizations after new release ##
+When the time comes to update your customizations to after a new
+release of dwm or when the dwm repository contains a commit fixing
+some bug, you first pull the new upstream changes into the master
+ git checkout master
+ git pull
+Then rebase your customization branch on top of the master branch
+ git checkout my_dwm
+ git rebase master
+In case there are merge conflicts resolve them (possibly with the help
+of `git mergetool`), then record them as resolved and let the rebase
+ git add resolved_file.ext
+ git rebase --continue
+If you want to give up, you can always abort the rebase
+ git rebase --abort
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