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+Simple plaintext presentation tool.
+sent does not need latex, libreoffice or any other fancy file format, it uses
+plaintext files and png images. Currently every line represents a slide in the
+presentation. This may limit the use, but for presentations using the [Takahashi
+method](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takahashi_method) this is very nice and
+allows you to write down the presentation for a quick lightning talk within a
+few minutes.
+The presentation is displayed in a simple X11 window colored black on white for
+maximum contrast even if the sun shines directly onto the projected image. The
+content of each slide is automatically scaled to fit the window so you don't
+have to worry about alignment. Instead you can really concentrate on the
+To get a little demo, just type
+ make && ./sent example
+You can navigate with the arrow keys and quit with `q`.
+Edit config.h to fit your needs then build again.
+ sent FILE1 [FILE2 ...]
+If one FILE equals `-`, stdin will be read. Use png images by prepending a `_AT_`
+before the filename. Lines starting with `#` will be ignored. A presentation
+file could look like this:
+ sent
+ why?
+ _AT_nyan.png
+ easy to use
+ depends on Xlib, libpng
+ no bloat
+ how?
+ one slide per line
+ # This is a comment and will not be part of the presentation
+ # The next line starts with a whitespace, it will not produce an image slide
+ _AT_FILE.png
+ thanks / questions?
+You can [browse](http://git.suckless.org/sent) its source code repository
+or get a copy using the following command:
+ git clone http://git.suckless.org/sent
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