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    update sent page (multiline, add featurelist)

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_AT_@ -4,8 +4,8 @@ sent
 Simple plaintext presentation tool.
 sent does not need latex, libreoffice or any other fancy file format, it uses
-plaintext files and png images. Currently every line represents a slide in the
-presentation. This may limit the use, but for presentations using the [Takahashi
+plaintext files and png images. Currently every paragraph represents a slide in
+the presentation. Especially for presentations using the [Takahashi
 method](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takahashi_method) this is very nice and
 allows you to write down the presentation for a quick lightning talk within a
 few minutes.
_AT_@ -25,6 +25,19 @@ To get a little demo, just type
 You can navigate with the arrow keys and quit with `q`.
+* A presentation is just a simple text file
+* Each paragraph represents one slide
+* Content is automatically scaled to fit the screen
+* UTF-8 is supported
+* PNG images can be displayed (no text on the same slide)
+* Just around 1000 lines of C.
+* No different font styles (bold, italic, underline)
+* No fancy layout options (different font sizes, different colors, …)
+* No animations
_AT_@ -37,17 +50,20 @@ before the filename. Lines starting with `#` will be ignored. A presentation
 file could look like this:
- why?
- easy to use
- depends on Xlib, libpng
- no bloat
- how?
+ depends on
+ - Xlib
+ - libpng
         sent FILENAME
- one slide per line
+ one slide per paragraph
         # This is a comment and will not be part of the presentation
- # The next line starts with a whitespace, it will not produce an image slide
- _AT_FILE.png
+ \# This and the next line start with backslashes
+ \_AT_FILE.png
         thanks / questions?
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