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_AT_@ -5,7 +5,33 @@ slcon3 will be held near Frankfurt/Main on 2016-09-(23-25).
 At the same occasion the Mitgliederversammlung (annual member meeting) of suckless.org e.V. will be held.
-The CfP will start soon.
+The CfP is open for proposals from 2016-06-03 to 2016-07-20.
+We expect talk proposals between 30-60 minutes each covering either
+technical or philosophical topics (rants are welcome as well).
+Each proposal should contain
+* the name of the author
+* an abstract written in English
+* presumably a couple of reference links to related ideas or topics
+Please note, do only submit a proposal if you are pretty certain that
+you can attend the conference on the given date.
+Please submit your proposal to: con(at)suckless.org
+We don't expect a paper or slide set prior to the conference! Your
+proposal should enable us to accept/deny your talk and to schedule an
+adequate slot for it.
+If you cannot attend on a certain day, please add a note to your
+proposal. We then are able to fine-tune the schedule.
+Acceptance and final schedule presentation
+We expect to publish the accepted talks and schedule around early August 2016.
 Previous conferences
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_AT_@ -5,6 +5,10 @@ Read more about our [philosophy](/philosophy) and join us on the [mailing list](
+[slcon3](http://suckless.org/conference) Call for papers opened. Submission deadline: 2016-07-20
 [stali ISO](http://dl.sta.li/stali.iso) pre-release. See [stali](http://sta.li) for more details.
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