Re: [wmii] snap 20051031

From: Chris Foster <>
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 12:38:49 +1000

> > > Also this would break being able to run two different versions
> > > concurrently, which should be possible.
> > OK, but this hasn't been possible up until now. Perhaps the default
> > directory could be an option in if people want to do such a
> > thing? (though I don't see why unless they're developers...)
> Config option: no way; and as user, being able to test new versions while
> keeping your old setup intact is very valuable.

[shrugs] fair enough. I admit this would be somewhat useful, although I
usually just backup .wmii, remove the old version & install the new one.
wmii is so fast to compile + install that it's no worries (thanks

> You still have to give a single reason not to use wmii-3.

Apart from some misguided (?) aesthetic ones, no.

Hmm, I think this thread may have turned into spam for the rest of the
list. Sorry people, I'll go back to lurking.

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