[wmii] Bug (?) with wmirc being re-run

From: Adam Gleave <nard.list_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 16:00:16 +0000

I'm running latest (Georg Neis <gn_AT_oglaroon.de>**20051101125512] being
last line in _darcs/inventory) darcs and initially it works fine, but
when I do ctrl+alt+a wmirc the bar dissappears.

It appears that initially the leftmost text (e.g. 1tn) is /bar/1/, the
middle text /bar/2/ and the rightmost text (status) /bar/3/. After
re-running wmirc they are 4 through 6.

This is of course because that's what /bar/new returns.

/bar/1-3 are deleted though - so I would have expected that /bar/4-6
would take on their job.

Oh, and in wmirc I see:

"wmir write /bar/expandable 2"

Surely it shouldn't be a constant if everytime wmirc is rerun the
expandable bar changes number?

My wmirc is the same as default except for aterm:

--- /home/nrad/bin/local/etc/wmii-3/wmirc Tue Nov 1 15:28:08 2005
+++ wmirc Tue Nov 1 15:43:59 2005
@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@
 kbind normal $MODKEY+ctrl+c 'wmir write /wm/ctl close'
 kbind normal $MODKEY+ctrl+q/y quit
 kbind normal $MODKEY+ctrl+w/y wmirc
-kbind normal $MODKEY+t 'extern xterm ''+sb'' -bg ''#003040'' -fg
''#dddddd'' -cr ''#408090'' -sl 4000 -fn 8x13'
+kbind normal $MODKEY+t 'extern aterm -bw 0 ''+sb'' -bg ''#003040''
-fg ''#dddddd'' -cr ''#408090'' -sl 4000'
 kbind normal $MODKEY+d 'wmir write /wm/ctl detach'
 kbind normal $MODKEY+a 'wmir write /wm/ctl attach'
 kbind normal $MODKEY+shift+a 'wmir write /wm/ctl icons'

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