[wmii] Re: [wmii-2] nuisance in floating mode

From: Anselm R. Garbe <garbeam_AT_wmii.de>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 23:05:03 +0100

On Sun, Dec 04, 2005 at 04:45:23PM -0500, Will wrote:
> i think wmii-2 is old news, but still i'd like to suggest shading for
> windows in floating mode in wmii -- as its probably still not considered
> for wmii-3
> in the case you have been removed from the wimp interfaces for so long,
> or i am misusing the term, i refer to shading as a toggle rolling up a
> window to the size of its title bar or re-expanding it
> i use shading in xfce to reveal windows partially or completely covering
> others. this seems to have a place in floating windows. there may exist
> more novel ways of doing this (like auto grouping a covered window in a
> tab with the window covering it). something to do this seems important
> in a floating window environment.
> i switch between xfce4 and wmi (and now i'm enjoying wmii)
> my stays in the world of wimpless windows management are interrupted by
> likely the laziness preventing me from fully understanding how to work
> within it, and perhaps little things like shading.
> i am nearly confidant adding a shading function (or auto tab grouping in
> floating mode) is against the philosophy behind wmii (and the reason i
> guessed at the email for the listed main philosopher [..it also concerns
> me removing tabs is listed in the TODO]) However, if there is interest
> and time i wouldn't mind reading a more explanation or description
> detailing the many ways this fails wmii.. again if there is time and
> interest.
> wmii belongs to those who program it, and perhaps more so to a
> philosophy (necessitated by efficient hacking) -- neither of which i
> particularly belong (i use gaim and firefox most of my time in X) , and
> maybe why i have a hard time keeping out of a WIMP interfaces.
> Regardless, wmi(i) is a breath of fresh air, and im glad someone is
> doing it.

I think we got a saner feature with the detached layer than
cluttering the screen with titlibars. We got attach/detach and
the detached layer with mod1+shift+a, where you see all detached
clients in a grid and a single click is enough to reattach them
(or in latest snap a number key to attach the specific client

We also plan some kind of move-out-of-the-way of floating
clients like it has been implemented in LarsWM, where clients
are moved to the right border like a stack covering with around
20% of their window area on the screen. Also this feature
sounds better to me, than the xfce shading way.


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