[wmii] Re: Weird segfault bug in latest wmii darcs

From: Adam Gleave <nard.list_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 19:36:53 +0000

Sorry for the delay. My paranoia dictated me to not use a core file
from my normal account and instead setup a throwaway test account. Of
course, this also ensures the problem isn't due to some configuration
weirdness I caused.

I'm not sure how much use a core file is to you, as I can't say I've
either used core files on different systems than the originating;
addresses could be different, maybye? Because of this, I also included
a back trace. I think it's apparent that the reason for the segfault
is dereferencing a NULL pointer but I haven't got further than that :)

As mentioned in the previous post, I'll do some more investigation
tommorrow. With that said, heres any relevant information I can think
of (attatched, I do hope it accepts attatchments.)

Adam Gleave

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