[wmii] Fwd: Accepted/Zusage: 22c3 Hackcenter-Signup

From: Anselm R. Garbe <garbeam_AT_wmii.de>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 03:07:20 +0100


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Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 21:48:35 +0100
From: 22c3 Hackcenter Signup <22c3-hackcenter_AT_cccv.de>
To: garbeam_AT_wmii.de
Subject: Accepted/Zusage: 22c3 Hackcenter-Signup

Dear participant,
thanks for your registration for the Hackcenter.
Your project will have 4 seats in the Hackcenter. Please ask
one of the 'Chaos-Angel' in the Hackcenter room to show you your place
in the Hackcenter. Like last year we tried to group similar projects
to let them profit by their neighbourship.

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