[wmii] Snap 20051215 Bugs

From: Doug Bell <dougb_AT_bellz.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 06:45:54 -0500

Hi -

A few bugs noticed on snap 20051215:

  - Switching from a float workspace to a column workspace can crash
    X. At first, I thought it just happened along with the previously
    reported bug for firefox switching itself to float, but it also
    happened on a workspace manually set to float for gimp use.

  - A few of gimp's dialog boxes leave empty frames behind when they
    close. This only happened with a couple of dialog types - I
    especially noticed it with the color chooser dialog. The empty
    frame does not accept a close command but can be detached.

  - Is size hinting for apps like xterms enabled? I've noticed that
    characters that extend below the baseline [gjpqy] can be difficult
    to read on the last line of an xterm.

One other comment: You had mentioned previously that the new column
layout would replace the tiled, vsplit and grid layouts. So I was
surprised to see the maximized layout removed as well. There are other
ways to do it (unlock the first frame or switch the app to an empty
workspace), but the maximized layout was nice to temporarily get more
space for an app in a column layout.

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