Re: [wmii] Some ideas of layouts

From: Jani H. Lahtinen <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 14:19:37 +0200

ext Anselm R. Garbe wrote:

>Sounds pretty much like the static Ion-way of managing windows
>with some ideas we already dropped in wmii-1. The new layout
>interface of upcoming wmii-3 would allow to implement most of
>your idea, except the page concept. In general I agree with the
>philosophy of
I did not intent it to be so much about management of the windows, but
about their grouping.

>The tabbing concept at all is questionable now, at least in
>column layout, because we got pages, which provides a much saner
>way for dynamically arranging frames and accessing them in a
>simple way. Tabbing always needs an additional key-binding to
>cycle through, because it is an additional layer. And this makes
>the concept somewhat clunky.
I am not entirely sure I follow, but we'll see.

> Anyway, the internal structure of
>Frame allows empty frames as well as arbitrary clients attached
>to a frame. Thus it is a below 500 LOC issue to implement your
>layout and test it. Feel free to contribute, but not before
>wmii-3 release (otherwise you would stick to the already
>obsolete layout interface in wmii-2.x).
Wmii is a bloody fast moving target!

>>The floating environment I would replace with the possibility of
>>stacking frames on the same page. That is, a floating window is only a
>>single occupied frame surrounded by empty ones in its own frame
>>covering the whole screen.
>Stacking floating clients won't work, because there are plenty
>apps who don't conform to ICCCM and accept each size the WM
>provides them,
I was thinking that such evil applications which will not listen to
reason would reside in a surroundings that do and which would in turn
try to conform to the whimses of the evil one, but this is difficult I
admit. Damn those transgressors!

>>A client could be associated with multiple frames. I could have a
>>system monitoring open on one window that is present in all other
>>pages except on the page where I have a graphical design software
>>running, which requires the whole screen.
>That is theoretically possible, but won't work well, because
>technically you have to reparent clients with the associated
>frame, and a window can only have one associated parent window.
Hm, that would have been cool though.

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