Re: [wmii] How to move bar to top without covering windows

From: Christof Musik <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 22:24:11 +0100

On 21:26:35 01/17/06 Charlie Law <> wrote:
> Hi. I'm new to wmii but am enjoying its functionality and simplicity
> -- a new change from Gnome, KDE, etc.
> One question, though: I've managed to get the bar to display at the
> top of my screen, but I can't get the windows to open without covering
> the bar. This isn't a problem when the bar is at the bottom of the
> screen. I've played with config a good bit but haven't succeeded yet.
> Thanks in advance.
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If you are using wmii-2.5, just set

wmiir write /wm/default/page/size '0,0,east,south-'^$BAR_HEIGHT


wmiir write /wm/default/page/size '0,$BAR_HEIGHT,east,south'

Havn't tried it, but it should work.

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