Re: [wmii] Use of the WIN key

From: Jani H. Lahtinen <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 14:20:49 +0200

ext bijoy thomas wrote:

>Hi all,
> Has anyone tried using WIN to launch something?
>I'm not talking about using WIN to replace M. I'm
>trying to use WIN to lauch an app. I added the lines
>in wmiirc
>kbind normal $WINKEY 'extern firefox'
>But it doesnt work after restarting wmii. Is it even
>possible to use a key other than $MODKEY to launch an
>app? Any help/suggestions/tips would be appreciated.
>I'm using the 2.5.1 version of wmii.
I suppose one could use xmodmap map the win-key code to some other
symbol (such as XF86Terminal :1008FF80) and then kbind an action to
that, but personally I would prefer to keep the modifiers near the space.

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