Re: [wmii] snap: wmii-20060118

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 14:48:56 +0100

We decided against grid layout because column layout is a
superset of grid with some differences.

To get a 4x3 configuration with column layout you can do

wmiir write /wm/ctl new
wmiir write /wm/sel/ctl 'exec xterm -rv'
for (i in 1 2 3) {
        for (j in 1 2 3)
                wmiir write /wm/sel/ctl 'exec xterm -rv'
        sleep 1
        if(! ~ $j 3)
                wmiir write /wm/sel/layout/sel/ctl new
wmiir write /wm/sel/ctl 'exec xterm -rv'
wmiir write /wm/sel/ctl 'exec xterm -rv'

The command "wmiir write /wm/sel/layout/sel/ctl new"
creates a new column (like $MODKEY-n does). The command
"wmiir write /wm/sel/ctl 'exec xterm -rv'" tries to attach the
next window which occures to the specific page. Instead of
/wm/sel you can also choose a page you like.

We can fine-tune column layout later to run specific clients in
specific columns.

On the other hand, you can easily implement YOUR favorite layout
on your own. Look into wmii/cmd/wm/layout_float.c as a starting
point, but keep in mind that things might change due to the 9P
integration I'm currently working on.


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