[wmii] Many wmiir processes when window name changes quickly

From: Chris Foster <foster_AT_physics.uq.edu.au>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 14:27:02 +1000

Hello list,

I've come across a problem with window titles changing: The CVS version
of aqsis (www.aqsis.org - an open source implementation of the renderman
spec.) changes the window title very often to indicate the render
progress. This seems to be doing something strange to wmii. In
particular there appear very many wmiir processes (> 1000) and the
window manager stops responding until well after the render is finished.
After a while all the wmiir processes stop and things revert to normal.

I've "fixed" the problem by hacking the aqsis source to remove the title
update, but that's a little irritating. Does anyone know if this is a
wmii problem, or just another a case of a broken app? Aqsis uses FLTK
for the user interface... are there known problems with other FLTK apps?

I'm running wmii-2.5.2 at the moment.

Thanks for any help,
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