Re: [wmii] veraenderter Modkey mit veraenderter Ctrl-Taste

From: Sebastian Schenker <>
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 10:21:37 +0100

wmii community <> schrieb am 04.03.06 15:45:00:
> I'm not sure why you're having problems. Are you using a different
> keyboard layout? German, perhaps?

I have my completely own xmodmap, quite different to "official" ones.
And there are the lines:
keycode 37 = Control_L
keycode 66 = Control_L
clear Control
add Control = Control_L

xev recognises both Control_L keys, but only the key with keycode 37 works
in combination with my Modkey. If I choose Alt as Modkey then both keys work.

My Modkey is Mod3:
keycode 115 = Super_L
clear Mod3
add Mod3 = Super_L

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