Re: [wmii] regarding documentation for wmii-3

From: Salva Peiró <>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2006 15:24:53 +0000

Hi there,

i've been talking with Steffen, and we were asking ourselves
if it's good time to start the wmii-3 guide?.
We agreed that the following things are needed:

 1) wmii-3 has to stop moving (stabilize a bit)
 2) make a good guide -> take a good snapshot of the wmii-3 features&usage
 3) once the guide has been polished start with translations

Given that 1st condition will be hard to achieve, could we
'negotiate' (maybe is not the right word) a basic functionality
that is not going to change, from here to the wmii-3 release.
So there'll be something stable enought to start writting the

That's all. Regards.

gualteri (at)
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