Re: [wmii] snap: 20060316 -- selection bugs

From: Stefan Tibus <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 11:43:33 +0100

Hello Anselm,

I have two bugs to report. The first is easy to reproduce:
1) select tag "1"
2) create a new client (terminal)
3) set it's tags to "1+mail"
-> all clients with "1+mail" disappear, no client is focused,
   changing focus by keyboard does not work
5) select tag "mail"
-> looks and works ok
6) select tag "1"
-> looks and works ok for the new client, an older client
   with "1+mail" appears at the position as cached for "mail"
7) selecting "1" and "mail" back and forth does not help

note: snap 20030313 switched to showing all "mail" clients
on step 3, focus change by keyboard did not work

Another bug is regarding click to focus. Most wm pass the selecting
click through to the client. Actually I like this, since I click on
a button and focus that client and perform the expected action as
well. wmii-3 currently does not pass through the left button click,
which means I have to click twice on a non-focused client to open
a menu or push a button. Interestingly middle and right button
clicks are passed through to the client without focusing it. One
can observe this by playing with select and paste between two
I'd suggest the classical behaviour, which probably most people
expect and makes click-to-focus predictable:
1) every click of any button selects the client under the mouse
2) that click is passed through to the client
If you just want to select a client without performing any action
one may click on the borders or the title bar.

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