Re: Re: [wmii] multitags

From: Bill Puschmann <>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 20:53:25 -0400

> > for setting the tag(s), and then added my own:
> >
> > $MODKEY-Right)
> > echo -n view $(wmiir read /tags|wmiimenu)| wmiir write
> /ctl;;
> >
> > Now setting the tags, or changing the views is a real pleasure :)

I believe that's in the snapshot already... although mapped to
$MODKEY-Control-t and with a slightly different command, but I believe the
same result. Incidentally I added a "sort" between the "/tags" and
"wmiimenu" - that way the menu order is identical to the display.

Also, on the Code Snippets page there's a nice setup for mapping
"$MODKEY-[0-9]" to the first, second, etc. views. It was this last bit that
helped me stop thinking of views as workspaces and more as "automatic
selection of tags". And once I started viewing them as tags, I started
using multiple tags for windows.... and the conversation comes back around
to the beginning :)
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