Re: [wmii] Re: multitags

From: Chris Foster <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 08:01:46 +1000

On Sun, Apr 09, 2006 at 02:41:29PM -0700, Uriel wrote:
> What you described is called "named workspaces", and it *SUCKS*, that is
> what ion has(had?), and it totally fucking sucks. The whole point of tags
> is that you can attach as many tags as you like to every object, and then
> pick your current selection from the list of tags. The whole point is to
> have multiple _views_ that are _overlapping_ sets. So that your "code"
> view can contain windows that are also running on another host and are
> accordingly tagged, as someone pointed out, or that a web browser can be
> tagged as "web" and as "documentation", or whatever.
> What is totally retarded is to allow concurrent selection of more than one
> current tag at the same time, because it makes the current state much more
> confusing, and provides zero extra functionality that can't be archived by
> just adding an extra tag to the union of the groups you want to tag.

Indeed, I can think of less practically useful reasons to have multiple
single tags viewed at the same time than the ability to attach multiple
tags on a single client. I would not be too unhappy about removing the
multi-tag-view feature.

> The problem I suspect is that you have yet to provide any sane mechanism
> to easily tag windows on the fly, so no wonder it is hard to use. As usual
> you discard ideas before properly putting them into practice, and make
> judgements based on incomplete data and your own braindamaged personal use
> patterns.

Be fair. Anselm *has* asked the community before he prematurely removed
this feature... From the big list of "please keep multiple tags" posts
it seems to be just as well ;)

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