Re: [wmii] multitags

From: Jani H. Lahtinen <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 10:42:38 +0300

ext wrote:

>I think that naming something and then having to remember it is like adding
>more management to what you already have and multiple tags would like be a
>little redundant, a "code" window, and a "program window" and a "debug"
>window give little hints as to what is happening and each time you use them
>its like naming variables in your life. Its a waste of time, because I
>think a single name is sufficient. In addition you will only know if you
>have selected the correct window regardless of tag name by looking at the
>window, not by the name. Just like two people I know named Bob, both have
>the same name but I know who I am addressing by looking at them.. I vote for
>1 or NO tags... Its a symbolic mapping and that is only partially useful in
>the scheme of Visual Interface design...
>regards, The infoVision Folks ---- joseph altea
Let us extend your analogy: We are not currently interested in the
people per se, but how we are looking at them. For instance we might say
that Alice and Bob are in the same team so that I might want to have a
proposition "When I want to see the team I want to see Alice and Bob.",
but I might also want to say that " I want to see Bob and Cecil
together, because they are married.". I have been lately involved with
databases so one might also want to be able to say things like "If X and
Y are married then they should be visible together". (I am not
suggesting to add this, because it gets really complicated really fast,
and may not be terribly useful.)

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