Re: [wmii] Dynamicness, Window Sizes (again, sorry) and Xinerama.

From: Konstantin Kletschke <>
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 16:37:13 +0200

Am 2006-04-11 16:14 +0200 schrieb Anselm R. Garbe:

> If that is the case, the Dialog seems borken, because it does

Yes, it is not transient.

> not set the WM_TRANSIENT_FOR property (nothing new in the
> firefox world though). I recommend to treat all firefox windows

You name it!

Firefox "Transients" are a mess...

This was only an example by me I should take time to get used to new new
stuff. A bad one I realise now ;)

> /Firefox.*:.*/ -> www
> For specific dialog windows, you could use
> /Firefox.*:<Odd instance>/ -> ~
> /Firefox.*:.*/ -> www
> instead... note that the ~ and ! tags need to be in a separate
> rule in any case. ~+www would deflorate the ~ tag to be a normal
> tag.

Interesting. Ok, I will play with this stuff later on ;)

Thanks for your tips.


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