[wmii] snap: 20060412

From: Anselm R. Garbe <garbeam_AT_wmii.de>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 15:07:31 +0200

Hi there,

I created a new snap, which fixes several bugs reported in
yesterday's snap and contains some polishing.


The changes are as follows:

- $MODKEY-x has been replaced with $MODKEY-Return
- $MODKEY-Shift-n has been removed, instead use normal moving
  with $MODKEY-Shift-{h,l}
- /view/sel/name contains the name of selected view
- fixed 'retag' command issues
- $MODKEY-t produces sorted input for wmiimenu now
- fixed a crash on $MODKEY-Shift-space (thanks to Sander)
- Sander polished the column creation
- removed 'Alt' keyword, instead use 'Mod1'
- fixed issues with * tag in /def/rules
- renamed a bunch of functions to make them more concise
- implemented /def/grabmode which allows to define the modifier
  for mouse-driven move/resize stuff
- renamed LabelClick event into BarClick
- improved rendering of clients in maximized columns, they now
  contain a new bar which indicates the "index/size" of the
  client in the column, e.g. "2/5" means the selected client is
  the second of 5 clients at all
- wmiir's str_of_time now uses struct timeval, maybe this solves
  some 64bit issues reported recently
- removed /tags file
- renamed /clients/ into /client/
- changed /view namespace, it now contains sub-directories which
  represent all existing tags (due the fact that only a single
  tag can be viewed at a time, this allows to address unselected
  views, e.g. for imitation detach/attach behavior, my output
  looks as follows atm:

  mmv; wmiir read /view
  d-r-x------ garbeam garbeam 0 Wed Apr 12 15:00:53 2006 1-dev
  d-r-x------ garbeam garbeam 0 Wed Apr 12 15:00:53 2006 2-mail
  ---w------- garbeam garbeam 0 Wed Apr 12 15:00:53 2006 ctl
  d-r-x------ garbeam garbeam 0 Wed Apr 12 15:00:53 2006 sel

  In a short sentence: The difference to yesterday's snap
  can be understood if you imagine following:

  Old: /view
  New: /view/sel

  The rest of the namespace is the same. Because all tags are
  listed in /view, /tags has been removed (as mentioned above)

  Why is this change useful?

  Imagine following:

  echo -n detach|wmiir write /view/sel/sel/sel/tags

  At some point in the future:

  echo -n `wmiir read /view/sel/name`
          | wmiir write /view/detach/sel/sel/tags
  This allows addressing clients in other views, without viewing
  the tags... (the information has been available in the
  internal data structure, thus I see no reason to hide it).
- added /view/sel shorty, which points to the currently viewed
- added /view/ctl which is responsible for view specific
  commands, such as the 'view' command, /ctl is used for more
  general commands (ie. quit).


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