[wmii] Happy Camper!

From: Ross Mohn <rpmohn_AT_waxandwane.org>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 11:42:29 -0400

I was a heavy user of wmi-10, but dropped out for various reasons during
the whole transition to wmii-1 and used FluxBox during that time. So,
when I decided to try the latest snap of wmii-3, I was expecting a rough
time of it. Quite the contrary, the product looks and feels fabulous!!
It's taken me very little time at all to acclimate myself and I said
goodbye to FluxBox for now. I do miss my gkrellm2 client -- is there a
way to do this now, or do I have to wait for the wmiislot development?
The preliminary doc is a good start. In case it helps others, here's my
cheatsheet for the default keybindings of snap 20060412 (plus a couple
extras). Having this taped up next to my monitor makes using wmii-3 a

Keep up the great work! -RPM


# Moving Focus
Alt-h - move focus to prev column
Alt-l - move focus to next column
Alt-j - move focus to next client in column
Alt-k - move focus to prev client in column
Alt-space - toggle to/from floating column 0
Alt-[0-9] - select tag/view [0-9]

# Moving Client
Alt-Control-h - swap client with last client of prev column
Alt-Control-l - swap client with last client of next column
Alt-Control-j - swap client down in the column
Alt-Control-k - swap client up in the column
Alt-Shift-h - send client to prev column
Alt-Shift-l - send client to next column
Alt-Shift-space - send client to/from floating column 0
Alt-Shift-[0-9] - send client to tag/view [0-9]

# Layouts
Alt-d - select default layout
Alt-s - select stacked layout
Alt-m - select max layout

# Menu Selections
Alt-a - choose action from menu bar
Alt-p - choose program from menu bar
Alt-t - choose view from menu bar
Alt-Shift-t - choose client's tag/view from menu bar (?)

# Applications
Alt-Return - open terminal client

# Other
Alt-Shift-c - kill client

# Not in default
Alt-Control-w,y - run wmiirc script
Alt-Control-q,y - quit wmii
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