Re: [wmii] snap: 20060414

From: Adrian Ratnapala <>
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 06:47:48 +1000

On 16/04/06, Mihalis Pitidis <> wrote:
> I suppose you could add a line to wmiirc which selects your previous
> view right after.
> Mihalis Pitidis wrote:
> > Tube wrote:
> >
> >> is the action when M-S-[0-9]ing a client the view now changes to

So maybe that's a bit backwards. I haven't read the code, but if it's
really true that some internal wmii-thing is causing a jump to the new
tag, then that's probably wrong. Certainly it would be nice to jump
on each M-S-[0-9], but it would be more elegant to code that jump
into the wmiirc for those who want it.

Perhaps there should be some kind of "client created" event sent to
wmiirc, that way if you want rule invocations to jump, you can do so
whenever a client pops up. Such events would probably make all
kinds of other clever and ugly hacks possible from the shell.
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