Re: [wmii] "AfterFocus" event request and retagging clients

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 16:11:09 +0200

On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 09:14:16PM +0000, wrote:
> Hello
> I'd like wmii to have a new event that gets triggered after the client
> gets focused. I believe this would give more freedom in customizing
> wmii with scripts.
> One of the uses that comes to mind would be having the title of the
> selected client in a bar label thus making the individual titlebars of
> clients optional. (It's my opinion that you can usually identify a
> window by content and if you need more information about it wmii
> provides easy ways to navigate to it and then you should have some context
> information available. Actually I'd go even further and say that i'd
> like the whole wmiibar optional (that is have a shortcut to show/hide
> it) but I'm sure most will not agree so I'll drop it. As you might
> noticed i do not like to much "decor" in the workspace (as in work
> enviroment not the window manager meaning). My ideal setup would be
> having only the windows contents visible and a way to show other usage
> information on demand.
> Another thing I'd like to use this event for is to create a script for
> retaging the selected client (since as was discussed in an earlier
> thread you can not identify a client yet unless it's selected).
> The concept goes something like this:
> - have all the available tags shown in a bar with the tags that apply
> for the selected client highlighted
> - set up easy shortcuts for toggling Nth tag ie Ctrl+Alt+0..9 and maybe
> even +q,w,e,r..p if you need more - irssi style
> - have another shortcut for adding a new tag using the wmiimenu. The
> items for the menu would be taken from a file that contains your most
> used tags (user defined) and the tags that were used in the current
> wmii session but are not used for any client atm
> maybe some additional shortcuts for special things like: clear all
> tags, apply all tags, floating related stuff etc
> I believe this would be a better solution then the current way (which
> is pretty cumbersome imo) because you don't need to retype everything
> when working with multiple tags.
> Because English is not my native language i wrote a small script that
> demonstrates part of the concept (I'm also pretty new to shell
> scripting so try to ignore any stupid things you see :) :

I made a record for a Focus event in TODO.wmii-4 of the hg tip,
same with the planned client/id file stuff and /client/
namespace changes.


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