Re: [wmii] snap: 20060425

From: Hans Hohenfeld <>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 21:46:18 +0200

On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 04:00:31PM +0200, Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> Hi there,
> once again another snap, because yesterday's snap contained a
> serious bug. Now I achieved feature freeze for wmii-3. Only
> bugfixes are allowed until the release during the next days.
> In contrast to yesterdays snap this one contains a very
> important and long-awaited feature: the revival of
> focus-follows-mouse, which seems to work pretty well for me (and
> which speeds up the overall usage). I got the idea to flush the
> event queue from enter events whenever they might be interfering
> with internal logic, and this seems to work quite well. It also
> seems to work well with broken touchpads which might produce
> motion events, because the algorithm ignores inferior events,
> this means that it is not possible to accidentally focus a
> window the pointer has been already pointing to (but which
> hasn't the input focus).
> Ok, other changes have been done to the UTF8 handling, I
> replaced it with the more robust Xmb* functions (I hope they are
> included in Solaris Stefan!).
> The $MODKEY-Shift-s shortcut has been changed to $MODKEY-f
> (fullscreen) for floating clients, this seems more concise.
> Regards,
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Hi all,

I tried out the snap today and there are some things I like to mention.

1. I really enjoy focus-follows-mouse, but as mentioned before, the window
   should only rise when clicking on it.

2. I had one problem with an older snap (20060324), which still is there.
   When I resize or move a window with $MODKEY+ mouse, sometimes wmii stays
   in this "resize/move" mode. After pressing $MODKEY again, everything is
   ok. This happens quiet often. Does anyone else have the same problem?

3. I realized, that $MODKEY+Tab for cycling through clients has left. I think
   it was very usefull, when working with the mouse, because you can switch to
   another client with the left hand very fast, without leaving right hand
   from the mouse.

That's it. In general I really like the direction wmii is developing,

so far



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