Re: [wmii] Column Layouts

From: Doug Bell <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 06:36:12 -0400

Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> To clarify what happens on focus change imagine 6 clients with
> stacking set to 2 visible clients per time. The center of two
> visible clients is always the 1st client (2/2 == 1), thus if the
> first of client of the column is focused, also the second is
> visible, if the second is focused also the third is visible, but
> the first is invisible, etc. The only exception will be on
> boundaries, if the last client is selected, also the fifth
> client will be visible.

Interesting proposal, except for the portion above. Say I have the
third and fourth clients visible, with the third focused. If I change
the focus to the fourth client, I don't want to hide the third - I'm
probably still working with it.

I think the visible clients should only change when a formerly hidden
(stacked) client is made visible. So, when the fifth client is focused
and made visible, the third would disappear, leaving the fourth and

It would work the same way in reverse. With the third and fourth
clients visible, I can focus either without changing visiblities. When
I focus the second client, it becomes visible and hides the fourth.

This is similar to your idea, except for delaying changes to which
clients are visible.

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