Re: [wmii] Column Layouts

From: Sander van Dijk <>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 20:00:59 +0000

On 4/28/06, Jonas Domeij <> wrote:
> Yes, you can "almost" do it larswm style with swapping, with the loss
> of some automacy. It is more general, /but/ it requires more thought
> and defeats the idea, imo. Does anyone actually use 'emulated larswm'
> or is it just an apology?

Personally, I don't use 'emulated larswm', as I feel that switching
column layouts on the fly is superior to what larswm does. Can't speak
for others though...

> If it's really needed, s/right/east/ and you can have a rightmost
> column 'zoomed' (though the terminology is dropped, wmii still seems
> to use NESW). >2 columns is also possible, since there's only one
> exclusive column.. And you can't 'zoom' two clients.

In larswm you can't, in wmii you can (depending on how you define
'zooming' exactly...)

Anyway, the idea of exclusive columns was dropped because it would add
too much complexity (another colmode for which visual feedback is
required and more keybindings for instance) compared to how much
funcionality it would add, since almost everything that it would be
good for can be done by swapping already...

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