Re: [wmii] Swapping (was: Re: mouse and tagging)

From: Denis Grelich <>
Date: Fri, 5 May 2006 13:38:49 +0200

> It was me who proposed that. Having too many clients in one view is
> always unworkable; more screen real-estate may stretch the limits a
> bit, but with > 10 clients or so it is time to start using the tagging
> mechanism anyway (and there's not a single task I can think of where I
> need 10 clients visible at the same time).

Tagging a) is absolutely impractical there, as I can't easily view two windows beside each other when they're tagged differently and I don't have the overview over all of my windows, and b) is absolutely not meant for organising windows of one task but for seperating tasks of each other.
When I'm coding, I have open about half of the files of a project at the same time, as I need quick access to all of them. While thinking of that, iirc all my coding tasks (be it C, HTML, perl/ruby or while writing extensions to games), involved a lot of files. On MS Windows, it was hell, and the need of a more or less sane IDE was imminent, just to manage the windows. Which is actually the wm's job.
I believe that this is what is called »dynamic« window management. It should be flexible enough to accomodate as many windows as I need, and the layouts should be so dynamic that I can rearrange the windows for my needs very quickly.

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