Re: [wmii] Re: wmii 3.0 missing feature: tabs :(

From: Fernando Canizo <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 13:01:10 -0300

El 09/may/2006 a las 10:56 -0300, Anselm me decía:
> On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 03:21:37PM +0200, Timo Benk wrote:
> > Now i had just installed v3.0.
> >
> > Whoo, where is the tab-feature, is it gone?
> >
> > Stacked Mode is fine, but it consumes a lot of space. Will the
> > tab-feature be included again sometime in the future?
> No, stacking is the better tabbing.

That's your opinion. Better put it this way in the future: "I like
stacking better than tabbing".

> Tabbing is not planned to be
> included again, we removed it for various reasons.

Bad news for me. I'm waiting for wmii to be stable (wmii-3) to get
dirty and make a patch wich includes tabbing.

> In summary:
> - tabbing makes an additional navigation layer necessary,
> stacking not
> (additional navigation layer means more complex user
> interface)

Just make tabbing not mixable with stacking, so you got one or the
other but not tabs inside stacks or viceversa. Then you got no
additional layer, and can use the same keybindings for both.

> - tabbing don't scales well with more than 3 clients, the
> titlebar would get cropped off, stacking scales up to 30
> clients in modern screen resolutions

Yeah, sure! stacking mode scales so well...

> - tabbing don't scales well with tagbars (for wmii-4 they are
> planned to be directly editable), stacking does scale fine

Maybe. I don't know of this.
Anyway who want to have more than 4-5 clients in a view?

> For more reasons see the mailing list archives.

And you should point too that any of that reasons/arguments are good
enough. They are all usable to argue in favor of tabs too! Wunderbar!

(Sorry to put this again on the table, but i can't resist it. I still
think that not having tabs is a bad decision. But Garbeam seems to be
unconditional about this matter, so i'm just waiting for wmii-3

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