[wmii] a rule for adding to ! as well as other tags? and alternative tagging behaviours.

From: Ramana Kumar <ramana.kumar_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 09:54:45 +1000

/foo/ -> !
in /def/rules
sends foo to the current view when it is opened.
/foo/ -> bar+!
sends it to a tag called "bar+!" how can i send it to both "bar" and
the current view?

is there an analogue to "!" which sends a program not to the current
view but to a new view with the "next" tag (where next can be defined
by a range, for example 0-9) ?

i'm currently using the solution to remove the /.*/ -> ! rule and send
all new clients to the "nil" tag from which place i can move them to
another tag if i want to. it works very well except for one thing: i
need rules like
/.*Open.*/ -> !
/.*Save.*/ -> !
to send common floating windows like open and save dialog boxes to the
current tag instead of the "nil" tag (because i'd rather them float
above the client which "owns" them than jump off into the "nil" view).
somehow wmii correctly decides that these windows should be floating.
can't i also somehow tell it to send it to "!" if it's floating?

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