Re: [wmii] a rule for adding to ! as well as other tags? and alternative tagging behaviours.

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 12:20:20 +0200

On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 09:54:45AM +1000, Ramana Kumar wrote:
> putting
> /foo/ -> !
> in /def/rules
> sends foo to the current view when it is opened.
> but
> /foo/ -> bar+!
> sends it to a tag called "bar+!" how can i send it to both "bar" and
> the current view?

That is not possible atm, but I add a TODO for wmii-4. Obviously
we didn't expected this case.

> is there an analogue to "!" which sends a program not to the current
> view but to a new view with the "next" tag (where next can be defined
> by a range, for example 0-9) ?

No. Because there is no 'next' view. Tag sets have no order.

> i'm currently using the solution to remove the /.*/ -> ! rule and send
> all new clients to the "nil" tag from which place i can move them to
> another tag if i want to. it works very well except for one thing: i
> need rules like
> /.*Open.*/ -> !
> /.*Save.*/ -> !
> to send common floating windows like open and save dialog boxes to the
> current tag instead of the "nil" tag (because i'd rather them float
> above the client which "owns" them than jump off into the "nil" view).
> somehow wmii correctly decides that these windows should be floating.
> can't i also somehow tell it to send it to "!" if it's floating?

Show me your complete rules. The order of rules is important,
except for the magic ~ tag. ~ rules apply always, they simply
set the floating flag of clients, but this does not make them
floating if they are already attached at a specific view.
If the floating flag of a client is set, this makes those
clients floating if they are attached (tagged) to a specific
new view (this is especially the case for newly created clients).

All other rules only apply if the tags of a client are either
empty or 'nil', in the order the rules are provided.

By default:

/.*/ -> !
/.*/ -> 1

The inheritence rule has precedence. On startup this rule simply
applies the nil tag to untagged clients, but nil is the only
tag which can be overridden beside an empty tag, thus all those
nil-clients get the new default 1.

If your above rules with Open and Save are the last rules, they
should work fine. If not, maybe they don't match the class or
title of the specific client.


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