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This message is from the Anti-Matrix... The builders of free software
the anti-thesis to corporate object model oppression.

LISP and Object Models are irrelevant to wmii development as C is the
primary means for this with nice shell elements. Do NOT try to convince this
group that LISP is their panacea or that it was the reason JPL abandoned
LISP. Programming Languages are now highly politicised corporate tools of
mind control and psy ops corporate profit.

Thats why AT&T funded C++ development. And Sun funded Java. These tools are
no more capable and in fact are less portable and less used than C. C is
like common English or German to most people that use it and write OS
drivers, or machine systems interface code in it. It supports a clear easy
to map abstraction model for the programmer. In addition psycho
linguistically it does not encumber the program with features like objects
which may or may not prove useful in most applications.

Look C++ and Java have NOT replaced C and neither has LISP. And they never
will. The abstraction of modern digital binary computers has its roots in
machines designs like that of the Digital PDP-11 system and many of the
elements in that architecture. And C was purpose built to program those
types of computers. Period. It works. Its fast. And bad C programmers are
free to indoctrinate themselves with whatever dogma that helps them sleep at
night or get a corporate kiss up job and post junk like the JPL mind control
link to wmii's mailing list.

In addition the types of thinking permeating institutions is largely built
on a model of moving program's away from the CPU machine paradigm into one
that is totally abstract and thus eventually have programmers which do not
even know how a computer works or how to build a CPU, since they have all
been brainwashed into thinking in abstractions. When everything is abstract
then your values and realities are unclear so you know not what you really
are doing. Only real values and actual numbers can do that.

CPUS are discrete systems of 1s and zeros and using logic gates can do
binary integer based calculations which combined with sequence logic is the
minimum level of machine intelligence need to built any system that can
support psycholinguistic context free grammar mappings use to build
"software" that allows these machines to operate as extensions of our
building and thinking processes, and thus are the first robotic elements of
programmable extensible human logical intelligence. This model all built
from an abstraction on a PDP-11 in C, though is not how real spoken language
works it is close and in its context free form as an LALR type 1 language it
is enough to support complex logic sequences, state management, and
relational data abstractions which from a mathematical level is all that is
needed to build any thinkable abstraction of logic that can be made

Most modern systems stole C technology especially C++ and Java which are
corporate rip offs with a mental disability call objects so that brain dead
zombie programmers could be taught to think in "Abstractions" and not bother
themselves with reality. This way they could write black box code like
Objects which pushes the ideas that global variables are bad, so that entire
overall systems and their operational parameters are not known to
programmers of systems themselves but only to the upper object architects
which if you ever worked on a defence project in C++ is the primary reason,
so that programmers would not be aware of building larger and most
devastating systems for all types of evil ends.

In this way they could write code in a sort of operational vacuum and would
not understand how their code would fit into a larger context and the
reality of how those objects would be related to other systems and
components Such a system would ensure that system architecture was only
known to a few and large groups of information and systems could be object
controlled on a mass scale. This was done to ensure that programmers would
all be eventually enslaves to corporations and hidden things in objects and
systems which as only abstractions with out global understanding of
interconnection of systems through global variables. In this way levels of
abstractions could be used to hide hidden pieces of software, spy ware and a
whole host of the other goodies that could permeate systems if they were to
be all object based a abstract in nature.

Thats the really agenda behind abstractions in object languages. If
programmers do not understand computers then they will be illiterate to
the systems which may be built and may actually build a system through
object abstractions that self enslaves them to a software model where so
called "object architects" only know the totality of the objects and what
they do in the object network. Thats what abstraction is about. Its about
hiding things. Real things. True things. And without that mappings
programmers and they types of information that they could control or create
could be limited as object hierarchies once totally in place could act as a
sort of control matrix only allow certain groups of instantiations to take
place and thus this would be the beginning of a real mind control and
information control matrix hidden inside a software methodology innocently
call the "object model". Its really the matrix to enslave us all. Take the
red pill Neo!

In addition this link
> Also well worth reading about programming at NASA:
> http://WWW.flownet.com/gat/jpl-lisp.html

is a large amount of Psy Ops propaganda. Their are NO Unreliable C
programs. Their is unreliable code generators. And ILL conceived programs
that do not fit their operating context very well. But as far as reliable
program translation on many hardware platforms under many operating systems
in diverse deployment environments, NOTHING can Compare to C. Nothing. Every
operating system that went to read this message has some C code in it based
on a C program translator or compiler. C programs are the most reliable
their are. Only bad C programmers or programmers being paid to make some
other language seem better or more suited.

In addition languages mentioned like LISP do little to be readable as good
English based mathematical equations or algorithms would be read. It uses
standard parenthesised arithmetic infix notation, rather than the more
obscure linguistic style of pre-fix (polish stack) style speech which most
natural languages of the English/Germanic derivation DO NOT use. The the
programmer has to make to mental shifts one for the parenthesised reading
and writing of the language and another in the mental translation of reading
it to transliterate it which is always done to the native speakers language
not matter if he / she is reading programming or Shakespeare. Read a good
Book of psycho social linguistics from Chomsky or others that did semantic
brain language mapping of complex and simple sematic mappings. You will see
why C did not die as a language and why it will be hard pressed to suppress.
It is the real language of the rebellion against the empire of the evil
object borg.

Thus reading a computer language that is closet to how you would map a
program fragment in your brain in natural language is the closest to what
is most easily understood and that which can be used to form complex
thinking or mapping needs. So many cute quotes from computer science
"celebrities greats" from so called higher institutions are just more
sponsored propaganda to influence the thinking of the buyers and uninformed
new programmers to indoctrinate them into the dogma of object thinking and
complex abstractions which if you know anything about complex systems like
the cell system in the human body is your worst enemy not your best friend.

The software that the cells use in the human body from the genetic code
sequencing and the chemical messages of the cells state machine will give you
a very clear picture why abstract C++, Java, and other object abberations of
logic and psycho linguistics.

Object Thinking are a form of thinking which forces you to try to pre
abstract your problem domain in hopes of finding reusable semantic sequences
of code and data use to possibly safe future coding and bugs. The only issue
is that humans problem solve not in abstractions but in analogy references to
know mapped linguistic fragments of language that represent elements of the
problem domain that are concrete and have definite semantics. It is these
interconnected semantics that gives the program or spoken language the
greater and new meaning in alternative contexts and thus new ideas or
mappings are able to be entertained.

So poorly operating programs are the result less of the language but the
poor awareness of the needs of the system, the way to express a solution,
and the ability to find a suitable machine translation mechanism to turn the
program code into binary execution code that will realize the programmers

C is the only relevant programming language for large systems work that does
not contain the object mind control disability issue. Objects are PROPAGANDA
to try and kill C and systems built on those so that total enslavement of
information control by corporations sponsoring objects systems could control
all our computers and information systems.

Everything other than C is just government sponsored new world order mind
control trying to build a world of illiterate abstract unreal thinking
coders that can eventually be used to enslave themselves with objects..

>From infoVision the father of Neo in the Matrix!

See the movie the Object Threat is Real and Must Be Stopped.
The construction of the total control slave matrix is to be object based!
C is the anti-thesis of this and is thus the basis of freeing minds and
building the new world of Open Systems and People!

Wmii is part of the solution also as it moves away from the abstraction of
the mouse which and into the "thinking" mode through tags which will
psycholinguitcially improve the memory and operational performance of the
user. Both things that the Borg of object advocates would love to KILL.
Tuff Luck dudes where still going to kick your ass with C.

Live Free Code in C - Destroy the Object Matrix of Information Slavery

infoVision - Now you understand the Name (I am the Father of Neo)
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