Re: [wmii] wmii xsession file for dualhead

From: redondos <>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 13:00:37 -0300

On Sun, May 21 17:56, Uwe Voelker wrote:
> > Here's what I do so that I don't have to care if there's another X
> > session running.
> >
> > DISPLAY=:$(echo $DISPLAY|cut -c 2).0 exec /usr/local/bin/wmii &
> > DISPLAY=:$(echo $DISPLAY|cut -c 2).1 exec /usr/local/bin/wmii
> Thanks. In which case could be more than one X session running?

Sure. Well, you could have more than one X session running, sometimes I
do, or another user in the system. Also, for some systems I use a login
manager called qingy, and it loads an X session on the DISPLAY number 1
by default, so I can't assume that wmii will run on DISPLAY=:0.

> Sometimes I use VNC - but in this case I would only have one display. I
> guess my script (and probably yours too) would fail, because it will try
> to start wmii twice.

Give it a shot, my guess is that it will fail on the second wmii call but
it will still work.


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