Re: [wmii] accented chars in title- and statusbars

From: phyrster <>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 08:16:19 +0800

On 23:56 Sun 21 May 2006, Konstantin wrote:
> I've finally got wmii-3 working with utf8 locale after replacing /usr/lib/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/XLC_LOCALE
> with commenting out:
> if(!loc || !strncmp(loc, "C", 2) || !strncmp(loc, "POSIX", 6) ||
> !XSupportsLocale())
> in liblitz/font.c and recompiling wmii. Using gentoo, xorg-7 and
> -*-terminus-*-*-*-*-13-*-*-*-*-*-iso10646-1 font.

I have similar problem under for Chinese display. I specified a unifont in
wmiirc with no avail. I will try this hack later when I got more time.

btw, I am not saying fluxbox is better but in flux after I specify a font
with Chinese support, the title bar shows correctly.

Does wmii use xft fonts?

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